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Възползвай се от ексклузивните ни чайове "За него" и "За нея" и подари незабравим подарък на теб и твоята половинка за Свети Валентин.

Make your delicious and healthy loose tea.

The pleasure of a sip of tea is a real magic, prepared from loose herbs that bring together the purity, tranquility and beauty of nature. To allow harmony of perfection in your glass, you only need to follow a few easy steps.
Before you start making your irresistible drink, make sure you have a glass or metal container such as a jug, bottle or cup that will not oxidize the herbal liquid. Get a filter, heat hot water and prepare loose Botanical tea, rich in flavors and aromas.Be smile and feel the pleasure of preparing perfection.



The first step to creating the perfect drink is to measure the required amount of herbs and put it in the filter. Because each tea requires a different weight, Botanical gives you precise instructions to follow.



Then move on to warming the water. Remember to use a liquid that is filtered and low in acidity to feel the full abundance of natural aromas and flavors. Add the hot water (the water temperature is indicated in the instructions on the package) and feel the full bouquet of fragrance and sweetness.



Before you start consuming the drink, it is necessary to brew it. In this way the best qualities of all herbs will be preserved and the flavors will be more saturated and with greater density.



Experiment! Use the properties of herbs in the summer, making a delicious iced Botanical tea. To prepare it, you need to follow all the steps so far. When the hot liquid is ready, let it cool to room temperature. Add honey and lemons, also a few ice cubes. Pour into your favorite glass and you will get a refreshing useful herbal drink.



It’s time to enjoy a delicious and quality Botanical tea, made entirely by you. Share it with good company or drink it in harmony with yourself.