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This program allows you to produce tea, herbs and spices under your own brand and package design.

Verve – The Ginger Teas

Modern working women are often affected by their dynamic yet stressful life. Verve is a natural way to regain your vitality, tonus and energy.


Bali Tea

Collection of teas for detox and weight loss, inspired by the traditions of the island of Bali, where the entire process of collecting and storing herbs is done by hand. Real inspiration to begin the transformation of your body right now.



Now you can have perfect body in a natural and healthy way. Choose Slim, Detox, Energy or Relax and start your journey to your long desired perfect body.


Love yourself…

“Love yourself” is the message that accommodates the whole idea of the eponymous teas. Choosing Detox or Slim, you will cleanse your body of toxins and get rid of excess weight. To Love is to care!



Two mixes of entirely Bulgarian herbs – “Hello, beautiful body!” and “Hello, Happiness” will help you lose weight in a healthy way and balance your weight after a diet, eliminating the yo-yo effect.



Magchachà е вълшебен зелен чай на прах, за който всички говорят! Висококачествен чай матча, отгледан, обработен и приготвен според най-добрите японски традиции и чаени ритуали. 2-3 чашки на ден правят чудеса, като зареждат организма с енергия и жизненост, изпълват с ентусиазъм и екстаз.



WOW Tea offers tea for detox, natural tea for weght loss, tea bottles for healthy way of living. The reason for the brand’s success is the carefully selected herbs which make it easier and support the detox processes of the body and the clearance of toxins and fat. And they make you feel WOW every day!


Kuker Tea

Unique, 100% organic herbal tea without added artificial substances. The patented recipe of Kuker tea is designed by qualified experts. The organically grown herbs come from a certified region in Stara planina, Bulgaria.


Slimming Aid Evolution

Innovative brand which aims at supporting the ladies in their battle with overweight. The first product line is the Slim&Detox package. It consists of two special teas developed according to revolutionary recipe, which differentiate them from similar products on the market.


Aronija Slovenija

Production and export of high quality products for healthy nutrition with focus on aronia. Tea including! Owning some of the first aronia plantations in Slovenia and with the help of their Bulgarian and Polish colleagues the company shows actually how appropriate climate in Slovenia is for growing aronia.

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This program allows you to produce tea, herbs and spices under your own brand and package design.

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